What Is GWA & Its Importance – 3 Steps How To Compute GWA

Basics of GWA & Academic Role What Is GWA? General Weighted Average (GWA) is an academic metric used by educational institutions, mostly in the Philippines to measure a student’s performance. The GWA is calculated by taking the average grades received in all subjects, with each subject weighted based on its credit units.

The GWA is a significant measure in the academic world as it provides an overall snapshot of a student’s performance. This figure can determine eligibility for scholarships and honor roll qualifications, influencing higher educational institution admission.

In the Philippines, Educational institutions use it as a basis for student rankings, college admissions, and scholarship eligibility. It also holds weight in the job market, where employers view a good GWA as an indicator of dedication, discipline, and hard work.

What is GWA

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3 Steps How to Compute GWA

  • Understanding General Weighted Average
    Understanding the grade point system is the first step to calculating your GWA. The grade points are numeric values assigned to letter grades.
  • Apply the GWA Formula
    Next, multiply each grade point by the respective course’s credit units, sum up these products, and divide by the total number of credit units.
GWA Calculator Formula
  • Analyze The Result
    Results of your GWA can provide valuable insight into your academic performance. A high GWA indicates a strong performance, while a low GWA suggests areas for improvement.

GWA Example – How to Compute General Weighted Average

To illustrate, you have three subjects with different credit units and grades. Multiply the grade by the credit units for each subject, sum them up, and divide by the total number of credit units. But if you are not following the GWA system and want your grades in GPA, you can also use GWA To GPA calculator to convert it.

Grade Point Table For GWA

The grade point table varies depending on the educational system. In the Philippines, for instance, a grade of 1.00 is equivalent to an A+ and carries the highest points. You can also get the percentage of your grades with the help of GWA To Percentage calculator.


What Is GWA & How To Use GWA Calculator
General Weighted Average Calculator designed to compute your GWA with ease. You simply input your grades and their corresponding credit units, and the calculator does the rest!

What Is the Passing GWA in the Philippines
The passing GWA in the Philippines generally lies between 2.00 and 3.00. However, it may vary based on the educational institution or program. You can also convert your GPA To GWA to get your marks convert into GWA.

Factors Impacting GWA in the Philippines
Several factors can influence your GWA, including the difficulty level of the subjects, your study habits, and your school’s grading system.

What Is GWA & GWA Equivalent

This is the rating of the education table with the equivalents, with 1.0 as the highest and 3.0 as the lowest:

Grade Point Grade LetterEquivalent
5.0FBelow 60%

Tips To Improve GWA

  • Regular Study Habits
    Consistent study habits significantly influence your GWA. Set aside time for studying daily to ensure you understand the course material.
  • Seeking Academic Help
    Feel free to ask for help when struggling with a subject. Tutors, study groups, and extra classes can significantly boost your grades.
  • Mindfulness and Time Management
    A well-managed schedule and mindfulness can increase productivity and focus, improving your GWA.

Importance Of Maintaining Good GWA

Maintaining a good GWA opens doors to academic opportunities and enhances personal growth and skill development.

In the end, your GWA is a reflection of your educational journey. It’s not just a number but a measure of the hard work, discipline, and dedication you’ve put into your education.


In conclusion, the General Weighted Average (GWA) serves as a vital academic metric that calculates a student’s overall performance by considering the weighted average of their grades across all courses taken. GWA is an invaluable tool for students as it accurately reflects their academic standing, aiding in scholarship applications, graduate program admissions, and employment opportunities.


GWA stands for General Weighted Average, an academic metric that measures a student’s performance based on grades and course weights.

GWA is calculated by multiplying each grade point by the respective course’s credit units, summing up these products, and dividing by the total number of credit units.

In the Philippines, GWA is used for student rankings, college admissions, and scholarship eligibility and by employers as an indicator of dedication and hard work.

The passing GWA in the Philippines generally lies between 2.00 and 3.00, although it may vary based on the educational institution or program.

Regular study habits, seeking academic help, and effective time management can significantly improve your GWA.

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