GWA To GPA Converter General Weighted Average To GPA Philippines

In various education systems, a student’s academic performance is often measured using the General Weighted Average GWA, especially in the Philippines. However, converting this GWA into the more universally recognized Grade Point Average GPA becomes essential because the institutions usually require the GWA to GPA result. So convert your gwa result into gpa today.

By using this online tool, convert general weighted average to GPA. Simply enter your institution’s GWA, and this calculator converts it into the exact GPA reflecting your academic performance.

GWA to GPA Calculator

GWA To GPA Calculator

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What Is GWA And GPA – Difference Between GWA And GPA

Understanding General Weighted Average (GWA)

The General Weighted Average (GWA) is a numerical representation of a student’s overall academic performance in college or university. The grading system in Philippines is calculated by averaging the grades obtained in all courses, considering each subject’s credit units or hours.

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Understanding GPA – Grade Point Average

GPA, short for Grade Point Average, is a standard method of assessing a student’s academic achievement in a given period. It is widely used in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and Europe. GPA provides a standardized scale to evaluate students’ performance and allows for easy comparison between educational institutions. You can also check the complete GPA Vs GWA difference.

Difference Between GWA & GPA


  • GWA is a General Weighted Average.
  • Typically ranges from 1.00 to 5.00 in the Philippines
  • Commonly used in the Philippines.
  • Represented as a numeric value (e.g., 3.25).


  • GPA is a Grade Point Average.
  • Often calculated on a 4.00 scale in many countries.
  • Widely used in many countries.
  • Represented as a letter grade (e.g., B+ or 3.3).

How To Compute Grade Point Average – Formula OF GWA To GPA Converter

To compute a grade point average, follow up the simple steps to get the converted gpa from the gwa. You can also use GPA To GWA calculator to reverse.

  • Gather all your academic records, including grades and credit units for each course.
  • Choose the appropriate GWA scale (1.00 to 5.00) based on your academic country.
  • Use the respective conversion formula to convert your GWA into GPA for each course.
  • Calculate the average of all GPA values obtained from the conversion to get your overall GPA.

Formula For GWA To GPA Converter

The conversion from GWA to Grade Point Average can be done using various scales, including 4.00, 5.00. The General Conversion formula that can be used for this calculation is:

For a 4.00 grading scale:
GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 4.0

For a 5.00 grading scale:
GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 5.0

You can apply any one of them according to your result. If you need to improve in math, simply use the above-provided calculator to convert your gwa into gpa.

Step By Step Guide – How To Convert GWA To GPA

If you are facing any trouble while using gwa conversion into gpa calculator , check this guidance to calculate perfectly:

  • First of all, check out the look of this calculator. There are 2 input fields about enter gwa and select scale.
gwa to gpa calculation
  • Enter your achieved GWA in the “Enter GWA” field. And select the GWA Scale according to your institute. If it’s a 5.00 grading scale, then select it. And if it’s 4.00, then select the 4.00 grading scale.
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  • After all, the last step is to click on the Convert button and get your result below.
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So by following these simple steps, you can easily calculate your gpa from the gwa.

Brief GWA To GPA Calculation Explanation Video

Check out this guidance video if you still need clarification and facing any problems while using gwa to gpa calculator philippines .

Final Words – Conclusion

Converting General Weighted Average (GWA) to Grade Point Average (GPA) is especially important for Filipino students aspiring to study or work abroad. It allows for better comparability of academic achievements on the international stage. You can also convert directly your GWA To Percentage if you don’t want GPA.

So by using this calculator, students can accurately present their academic performance in the more universally recognized GPA format by following the appropriate conversion formulas and considering various factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A general weighted average contains a 4.00 scale or 5.00 grading scale. So for a 4.0 grading scale:
GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 4.0
For a 5.0 grading scale:
GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 5.0

Yes, the conversion formula can be adjusted to match the grading scale of the target country.

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, and it represents the average grades of a student. On the other hand, GWA stands for Grade Weighted Average and reflects the student’s performance in all subjects. The main difference lies in their grading scales: GPA is typically on a 4.0 scale, whereas GWA is on a five-point scale.