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Are you a student looking for an efficient and convenient way to calculate your General Weighted Average (GWA)?  Then this GWA calculator pisay is for you as the students know about the importance of GWA calculation. Because for further studies, the GWA is an essential part of the qualification. So to get this done correctly, this GWA calculator Philippines helps you to calculate your GWA accurately.

A General Weighted Average (GWA) is a method used to determine a student’s average grade based on the courses they have taken and the respective units assigned to each course. This Online Calculator App provides a comprehensive overview of a student’s academic performance, difficulty levels, and credit hours. To calculate this perfectly, put your units and grades and get your result.

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What is General Weighted Average – GWA

First of all, GWA is a General Weighted Average. It’s the typical grading system used in the Philippines for the grade calculation of a college or university students. The overall measure represents the performance of a student. It contains the grades you achieved in classes and the number of units in each class.

You should first learn about the grading system in Philippines if you are unaware. If you are a school, College, or University student, you can also check out the University of the Philippines grading system or PUP Grading System. If you are a high school student, check out how to compute gwa in SHS.

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Calculating your GWA is essential for various reasons. Firstly, it helps you monitor your academic progress. Knowing your GWA allows you to assess your abilities and deficiencies in different subjects. Additionally, many institutions use GWA as a criterion for scholarships, honors programs, and other academic opportunities.

Continue reading to explore how to use this gwa calculator excel. A step-by-step guide is mentioned below. If you are good at math, you can also calculate your GWA by yourself with the help of gwa calculation formula represented below.

How to Compute GWA – Formula OF General Weighted Average

Doesn’t matter if you are a school, college, or University student. You can calculate your grades with the help of this gwa bulsu calculator.

This GWA calculator utilizes a simple yet effective formula to calculate your weighted average. It multiplies the grade obtained in each course by its corresponding credit units, adds up the results, and divides the sum by the total number of credit units.

This process yields your GWA, which represents your overall academic performance.

To calculate your GWA, simply put the required values of grades and units you achieved and their subject names in the required sections, then click on the button to calculate GWA. So by this simple process, you get your total GWA. You can also convert your grades from GWA to GPA.

Formula To Calculate GWA

So with the help of this formula, you can calculate your GWA by yourself. But if you don’t have any idea about that. Simply use this GWA Philippines calculator and get your results.

GWA Calculator Formula

How To Use This GWA Calculator

To calculate your GWA using this online General Weighted Average calculator, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the GWA Online Calculator
    Visit this GWA calculator website. You will get a reliable and user-friendly General Weighted calculator.
  • Step 2: Enter Course Details
    Enter the details of each course you have taken, including the course name, grade obtained, and credit units. Make sure to input accurate information to get precise results.
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  • Step 3: Calculate GWA
    Once you have entered the course details, click the “Calculate” button. The up gwa calculator will process the information and provide you with your GWA instantly.
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  • Step 4: Interpret the Results
    Review the GWA displayed on the screen. This value represents your weighted average and gives you an overall academic performance.

How to Use GWA App Calculator Philippines – Brief Video

Example OF How To Calculate GWA

  • 1: Let’s consider a student named Sarah enrolled in four courses: English, Mathematics, Biology, and Physical Education. Each course has a different weight assigned to it: English (3), Mathematics (4), Biology (3), and Physical Education (2).
  • 2: Now, let’s assume Sarah’s grades for each course are as follows: English (A-), Mathematics (B), Biology (A), and Physical Education (A+).
  • 3: To calculate Sarah’s GWA, we need to assign numerical values to the grades, multiply each grade by its corresponding weight, and sum up the results.
  • 4: Using a standard grading scale, say A- corresponds to 3.7, B to 3.0, and A+ to 4.0. Sarah’s numerical grades are English (3.7), Mathematics (3.0), Biology (4.0), and Physical Education (4.0).
  • Next, we multiply each numerical grade by its weight (Unit):
  • English: 3.7 * 3 = 11.1
    Mathematics: 3.0 * 4 = 12.0
    Biology: 4.0 * 3 = 12.0
    Physical Education: 4.0 * 2 = 8.0
    Then, we sum up the results: 11.1 + 12.0 + 12.0 + 8.0 = 43.1
  • Finally, we divide the sum by the total weight of all courses: 43.1 / (3 + 4 + 3 + 2) = 43.1 / 12 = 3.59
  • Therefore, Sarah’s GWA is 3.59.

In this example, the general weighted calculator considers the different weights assigned to each course and calculates the average grade for Sarah. It shows how the calculator accounts for the varying credit values of courses and provides a comprehensive measure of her academic performance and also effective for up gwa. To get the exact performance in percentage you can also take the advantage of gwa to percentage calculator for this purpose.

Advantages Of The GWA Online Calculator

The online GWA Philippines calculator offers many advantages over manual calculations. Check out some benefits:

  • Time-Saving: The ust general weighted average calculator automates the calculation process, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Accuracy: Manual calculations are prone to human error, whereas the online calculator ensures accurate results.
  • Convenience: This General Calculator is Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and lets you calculate your GWA on the go.
  • User-Friendly: This online calculator is designed with a simple interface that is easy to navigate, even for those with limited technical knowledge.

Tips To Improve Your GWA

Here are some tips to help you improve your General Weighted Average:

  • Set Goals: Define specific study goals and plan to achieve them.
  • Time Management: Develop practical time management skills to balance your studies and other activities.
  • Seek Help When Needed: Don’t hesitate to contact your teachers and classmates for assistance and clarification.
  • Study Smart: Focus on understanding the concepts rather than simply memorizing information.
  • Stay Motivated: Find ways to stay motivated, such as joining study groups or rewarding yourself for achieving milestones.


Calculating your General Weighted Average (GWA) is essential for monitoring your academic progress and maximizing opportunities for scholarships and honors programs. Also, it’s important to check your abilities in your studies. This online general weighted calculator up diliman provides an efficient and user-friendly way to determine your GWA accurately. Mostly waldenu and other univeristy, school and college students use this for their calculations.

Utilizing this tool can save time, reduce errors, and gain insights into your overall academic performance. Start using the GWA myuste calculator today and save your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the GWA calculator is completely free to use. You can access it without any charges or subscriptions.

The Grade Weighted Average (GWA) is calculated by considering the credit hours of each course. In the Philippines, the GWA is determined by adding the weighted average of each course subject and dividing it by the total no. of credit hours.

Absolutely! The GWA calculator accommodates high school and college courses, allowing you to calculate your GWA for various educational levels.

The passing GWA represents the minimum Grade Weighted Average a student must achieve to meet the academic requirements and pass their courses in the Philippines. Typically 3.00 is considered the passing GWA.

The computation of your GWA after dropping a subject may vary based on your university’s policy.  However, your dropped subjects will typically be excluded from the GWA calculation.