How To Compute GWA In SHS | Grading System In High School Philippines

Are you a high school student in the Philippines & wondering how to compute GWA In SHS (Senior High School) grading system? If so, you’re in the right place. Understanding how to compute your GWA is crucial for tracking your academic progress accurately. This article explains how to calculate your GWA step-by-step using the Philippines’ high school grading system.

So the General Weighted Average Calculator is one of the best tools to calculate their GWA online without hassle. It’s a blessing for the students of the Philippines, including SHS students. With the help of this calculator, senior high school students can now easily convert their grades into GWA.

how to compute gwa in shs

How To Get GWA In Senior High School

In SHS, the General Weighted Average of each semester is computed by taking the weighted average of all subjects, expressed by the letter grade.

Next, let’s explore determining the ultimate grade using weighted assignments. This involves the multiplication of the assignment grade by its corresponding weight. For instance, if the assignment is scored at 85 and holds a weight of 20 percent, the calculation would result in 17. 

Similarly, for an assignment graded 100 with a weight of 80 percent, the computation yields 80. To obtain your cumulative grade, sum up all the weighted grades. Combining 17 points with 80 points for the given illustration leads to an aggregated weighted grade of 97. The final rating of the subject is the total average of 3 trim semesters & the final semester grade in every subject for SHS.

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Here is the table breaking down the grading scale:

Percentage RangeLetter GradeLevel of Proficiency
Academic Grading Table

Components Of The Grading System

The SHS grading system classifies subjects into different tracks, such as Academic, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL), and Sports. Each track has its own grading scale, and the grades are expressed as percentages. The grading scale typically ranges from 60% to 100%, with corresponding letter grades.

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How To Compute GWA In SHS: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Gathering Required Data
    To compute your GWA for SHS, gather your grades for each subject, including both academic and non-academic tracks. You’ll also need the corresponding credit units for each subject.
  • Assigning Weight to Grades
    Assign weights to your grades based on the number of credit units for each subject. Multiply the grade by the credit units to get the weighted score for each subject.
  • Computing the Weighted Average
    Sum up the weighted scores of all subjects and divide by the total number of credit units to get your GWA. This average represents your overall performance across all subjects. You can do this easily with the help of the GWA calculator. So all these steps tell about how to compute gwa in shs.

How To Compute GWA In SHS – Brief Guide Video

Tips for Maintaining a High GWA

Maintaining a high GWA requires effective study habits, proper time management, and seeking assistance. Developing these skills improves your academic performance and prepares you for future challenges.


Understanding how to compute GWA in SHS grading system is essential for every high school student in the Philippines. Your GWA reflects your academic achievements and creates higher education opportunities based on your excellent GWA. Following the steps in this article, you can easily calculate your SHS GWA.

If you have already calculated your GWA and want to convert it into a percentage, you can also convert it with the help of the GWA To Percentage Calculator.


What is the minimum passing GWA in SHS?
The minimum passing GWA in SHS is typically around 75%, but it can vary based on the school and specific tracks.

How To Compute GWA In SHS?
Calculate the GWA in Senior High School by averaging the grades of your subjects based on their respective credit units.

Can I improve my GWA after the semester ends?
Yes, you can improve your GWA by performing better in subsequent semesters. The GWA is a dynamic metric that reflects your overall performance.

Are failed subjects included in GWA computation?
Yes, failed subjects are included in GWA computation. They contribute to the overall average, even if they negatively impact it.

How does retaking a subject affect GWA?
When you retake a subject, the new grade often replaces the old one in GWA calculation. However, policies can vary among institutions.

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