GWA To Percentage Calculator Convert General Weighted Average To Percentage

Have you got good General Weighted Average marks in your school, college, or university result and don’t know the percentage of your result? Because the result is the common thing to know, the percentage of your result is essential. So this GWA to percentage calculator is for you. Convert your achieved GWA into percentages and learn how many percent you earned from 100.

When applying for scholarships, internships, or jobs in institutions that use percentage-based evaluation systems, you will most likely be asked for your GWA percentage. Calculate it and put it on your CV or marks sheet to look professional. To calculate it, put your gwa, click calculate, and get your percentage.

GWA to Percentage Calculator

GWA To Percentage Calculator

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How To Compute Percentage – Formula OF GWA To Percentage Calculator

  • First, gather your GWA from your educational institution and grading scale to compute the percentage.
  • Check the maximum GWA of your school, college, or university grading system. This gwa to percentage Philippines calculation converts it into a percentage.
  • Convert gwa to percentage various formulas can be used according to their grading scale. So it’s important to check the grading scheme of your institute before converting your result into percentage points.
  • It’s good to know the grading scheme in philippines and your result. So then simply put the values in the above calculator and get the result.
gwa to percentage calculator

Formula For GWA To Percentage Converter

To convert GWA to a percentage, use the following formula:

Percentage = (GWA / Maximum GWA) × Maximum Percentage

Simply substitute your GWA and the maximum GWA and percentage into the formula to get the percentage equivalent.

Note: If you are good at Math, with the help of this formula, you can calculate your percentage from your result by yourself.

How To Use This GWA To Percentage Calculator

To convert your gwa into the exact percentage, follow the calculator usage steps. If you are following the grading system in college in Philippines, you can still take advantage of this calculator.

  • First, enter the GWA you achieved in your course. Make sure that you have put your exact General weighted average.
convert gwa to percentage
  • Once you have entered the exact achieved GWA, click the calculate button. The calculator will process the gwa information and then convert it into the exact percentage.
put gwa to percentage value
  • Finally, when the exact percentage will be displayed on the screen, check this out and now you can use this percentage on any of your mark sheets.
gwa to percentage result

Brief Explanation Video – GWA To Percentage Calculator

Tips For Improving Your Grades

  • Attend classes regularly
  • Engage in active studying techniques
  • Seek help from teachers or tutors if needed
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Join study groups to collaborate with peers

Factors To Consider When Converting GWA To Percentage

Different Grading Scales
Educational institutions may have different grading scales, to get more information about that check the DepEd Grading system. Then use the correct conversion formula.

Weighting Of Courses
Some schools give more weight to specific courses, affecting the GWA and percentage calculation. Be aware of these variations in course weighting.

Rounding Rules
Different institutions have different rounding rules when converting GWA to percentages. Understand your school’s rounding policy to get an accurate conversion.


GWA to percentage calculator can be beneficial in certain situations, especially when applying for opportunities that require a percentage-based evaluation. However, it’s essential to understand the conversion process and the factors that may influence the outcome. Remember that GWA and percentages have unique advantages in academic performance


A Grade Weighted Average (GWA) is a numerical representation of a student’s overall academic performance, calculated based on the grades obtained in individual courses, considering credit hours or course weights.

To calculate, use the formula Percentage = (GWA / Maximum GWA) * Maximum Percentage to calculate your percentage.

You can convert your percentage back to GWA using the reverse formula. Divide your percentage by the maximum percentage and then multiply it by the maximum GWA.

Calculating your GWA at the end of each semester is good practice to keep track of your academic progress.