Certificate Of GWA – Get General Weighted Average Certificate Philippines

Are you seeking guidance on getting the degree transcript or certificate of GWA? This certificate confirms that the General Weighted Average (GWA) for the student (name will be mentioned) above is equivalent to a “very good” rating. This certification is issued upon request and can be utilized for legal purposes.

The certificate of GWA (general weighted average) consists of a detailed note about the specific student’s performance. This showcases your academic achievements but also demonstrates your commitment to excellence. 

GWA, the general weighted average, is like GPA, but mostly the GWA grading system used in the Philippines. The students need to understand the importance of GWA and calculate them to check their performance. If you are a student with trouble checking your general weighted average, check out the GWA Calculator.

The following are examples of certification of GWA for students in schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines.

Valencia Integrated School – Certificate Of GWA

Check out the Valencia integrated school certificate and how they distribute their certificates.

Valencia Integrated School Certificate Of GWA

University Of Santo Tomas – GWA Certification

Check out the certificate of grades sample Santo Tomas, which contains a 5-point Rating, Percentage range, and qualitative description. You can also check the latest Deped Grading System.

University Of Santo Tomas - GWA Certification

Note: The university has been using the numerical 5-point grading system since the AY 1975-76 as:

Grade Point Grade LetterEquivalent
5.0FBelow 60%

Certificate Of GWA- National College of Public Administration & Governance

Check out the national college certification. If you are an outer student, You can also check the grading system in Philippines in detail & can convert your GPA To GWA Calculator easily.

Certificate National College of Public Administration & Governance

Western Mindanao State University Certification GWA

Western Mindanao State University Certification GWA

   De La Salle University General Weighted Average Certificate

   De La Salle University General Weighted Average Certificate

University Of South Eastern Philippines Certification

Check also the University of south eastern Philippines certification system. If you are totally new you can also learn about the GPA Vs GWA Difference.

University Of South Eastern Philippines Certification

How To Get Certificate Of GWA

To get your GWA certificate, you need to contact your University Registrar.  If you are still a student, you should visit the Office of the College Secretary to inquire about your General Weighted Average (GWA). In addition, if you are no longer a student or have passed out, you can also contact your college’s registrar or clerk’s office to inquire about your GWA certificate.

4. Steps to Obtain a GWA Certificate
Obtaining a GWA certificate is a straightforward process:

  • Contact your educational institution’s registrar’s office.
  • Request the issuance of a GWA certificate.
  • Provide the necessary documentation, such as your student ID and payment for processing fees(If Required).
  • Wait for the certificate to be processed and issued.

5. Benefits of Having a Good GWA Certificate
Having a GWA certificate offers several advantages:

  • Distinguishes you from other candidates in job applications.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to academic excellence.
  • Provides a clear representation of your overall academic performance.
  • Enhances your credibility and reputation in academic and professional circles.

GWA Certificate Vs Transcripts Difference

While both GWA certificates and transcripts contain academic information, they serve different purposes. Transcripts provide a detailed record of all your courses, grades, and credits earned, while GWA certificates specifically highlight your overall GWA score.


In conclusion, getting a Certificate Of GWA or Academic Certificate is a valuable document that highlights your academic achievements and dedication to excellence. Obtaining one can open doors to numerous opportunities in both your academic and professional life. If you’re committed to showcasing your academic prowess, consider obtaining a GWA certificate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A GWA certificate is a document that certifies your General Weighted Average, demonstrating your academic excellence.

The minimum GWA requirement may vary from one institution to another, so it’s essential to check with your educational institution.

The processing time for GWA certificates can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks to a month.

Visit to the College Secretary. A letter/certification will be requested from them. The letter/certification states the course completed and the GWA. So, via following this, you can get your GWA certificate.

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