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Transcript of Records, abbreviated as TOR, is a comprehensive document that provides a detailed record of a student’s academic performance throughout their educational journey. The transcript of Records Philippines is a document issued by Philippine educational institutions and serves various purposes, including academic and professional pursuits.

A Transcript of Records Philippines is a document issued by an educational institution that contains a record of a student’s academic achievements. It represents the academic recognition of an individual from their respective educational institute. It includes information such as course names, grades, credit hours, and completion dates.

Certified True Copy Of Transcript Of Records Philippines

Check out the true copy of the transcript of the records. It’s a sample that represents the things required to submit an application for a transcript of records for a school, College, Or university.

transcript of records philippines true vopy

You can also download this form, fill and submit it to your educational department to get the transcript of records. It’s also valid for undergraduate students. Before getting the transcripts, if you want to calculate your grades by yourself, you can easily calculate with the help of the GWA Calculator.

How To Get Transcript Of Records Philippines

The student’s records remain confidential and are only released per the student’s demand. An application to obtain transcripts of records should be submitted to the University Registrar’s Office, accompanied by the presentation of the student clearance. The cost for preparing transcripts is PhP50.00 per page. Graduates are advised to request their transcripts as soon as possible to minimize any avoidable delays.

Note: Under the Republic Act No.11261, government fees will be applied to issue a document.

Steps To Request For Transcript Of Records Philippines:
Requesting the records of documents is easy.

  • Fill out the Requested Application Form.
  • Pay The Applicable Fee.
  • Claim Your Academic Records.

As per Philippines law System If you are a school student, then only students themselves or their parents are authorized to claim school documents. No other individuals are permitted to do so. The pending charges clearance is required to get the transcript of records.

Check out the transcript of Records Philippines Table containing the different Academic records & their respective issuance departments and the fee structure.

NOAcademic RecordIssuing OfficeProcessing PeriodFee
1.DiplomaRegistrar’s OfficeTwelve Working DaysPHP 450.00
2.Transcript of Records
Finished StudiesRegistrar’s OfficeTwelve Working DaysPHP 250.00
Unfinished studiesRegistrar’s OfficeTwelve Working DaysPHP 200.00
3.Honorable DismissalRegistrar’s OfficeSeven Working DaysPHP 80.00
4.Certification of GraduationRegistrar’s OfficeThree Working DaysPHP 65.00
5.Certification of Medium InstructionRegistrar’s OfficeThree Working DaysPHP 65.00
6.Certification of Weighted AverageRegistrar’s OfficeThree Working DaysPHP 65.00
7.Authentication of RecordsRegistrar’s OfficeOne Day*PHP 50.00
8.Course DescriptionsDean’s OfficeVaries by CollegeVaries by College
9.Course SyllabiDean’s OfficeVaries by CollegeVaries by College

If you are a University of the Philippines student and want academic records, check out the guidelines. Almost all the universities have the same guidelines system to claim the records.

On the other hand, if you are leaving your institute, you may also need a certificate of honorable dismissal. Because it’s equally important as the Certificate of GWA.

Transcript Of Records Contains The Following:
TORs typically have a standardized format and contains.

  • The student’s personal information
  • A list of courses taken
  • Corresponding grades
  • GWA calculation

The grading system in Philippines, may vary between institutions. However, most use a 1.00 to 5.00 scale, with 1.00 being the highest grade and 5.00 as a failing mark. The DepEd Grading System also follows a 5-grade grading system.


It’s a record of students’ achievements throughout their educational journey.  It includes information such as course names, grades, credit hours, and completion dates.

It varies depending on the type of the record. Generally, it took from 50 to 450 Php.

The processing time varies but typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks.

Yes, you can request multiple copies, but additional fees may apply.

In Philippines Schools, no someone else can request for records. Except for the student or their parents.


In the Philippines, a transcript of Records Philippines is a valuable document that plays a critical role in a student’s life. Whether you’re planning to study abroad or for employment, the TOR is essential. It’s important because it contains, student educational information such as their degree name, grades, and the corresponding grade percentages they have attained. You can also calculate the percentage of your grades with the help of the general weighted average to percentage calculator.

So, with the help of TOR, the institutions can easily judge the academic value of the person. Ensure you keep your TOR updated and readily available to seize opportunities as they come.

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