CWA Vs GWA – Cumulative Weighted Average Vs General Weighted Average

CWA Vs GWA both are grade-defining terms. GWA is a general weighted average, while CWA is a Curriculum Weighted Average. Both are used to define how high a score you achieved. A GWA is calculated by including all your classes, while the CWA is calculated by including only the curriculum classes. 

CWA serves to assess the eligibility of undergraduate students transitioning to a different academic program. The calculation is exclusively derived from the grades earned by students in courses that apply to the new program. This criterion applies to regular students and individuals from different majors seeking to switch to a new academic program.

One more CWAG term is also used in the grading system called Cumulative Weighted Average, which is another way to determine students’ grades. All of these, the GWA is the most widely used grading system. You can also calculate your grades with the help of the General Weighted Average Calculator.


CWA Vs GWA Calculation – How It’s Calculated

Calculating GWA involves assigning weights to selected courses and computing the weighted average. It excludes courses from previous academic years, making it a more current performance measure. You can also learn completely, what is gwa.

To calculate CWA, you need to assign weights to each course based on their credit hours. Then, multiply the grade points earned in each course by the respective weight and sum them up. Finally, divide this sum by the total credit hours to obtain the CWA.

If you want to calculate your CWA, the formula used is:

∑(UnitCredits⋅UnitMarks) / ∑(UnitCredits)

CWA Vs GWA: Which Is Better

The choice between CWA Vs GWA depends on the academic goals and preferences, because both are grading system in Philippines. CWA is the better option if you are looking for a comprehensive assessment of your entire academic journey. On the other hand, if you want to estimate your performance within a specific year, GWA is the better option.

Another GPA term is a well known grading system used globally. GWA and GPA both are different grading systems. You can also check the difference between GPA Vs GWA easily. If you are a Philippines student you can also take the advantage of certificate of gwa which is a proof of your gwa grades.


Between CWA Vs GWA, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Both grading systems serve their purposes effectively. Your choice should align with your academic goals and the context in which you are being evaluated. Both are served for different purposes. You can utilize any one of them according to your choice.

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Yes, you can calculate your CWA or GWA using the provided formulas, or many online calculators are available.

To calculate the Curriculum Weighted Average (CWA), multiply each course grade by its respective weighting, sum these values, and then divide by the total sum of weightings.

No, CWA assigns equal weightage to all courses, regardless of their difficulty level.

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