Certificate Of Enrollment DepEd – Philippines Department Of Education Enrollment

The Certificate of Enrollment DepEd, commonly called COE, is an official document issued by the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd). It proves that a student is enrolled in an educational institution recognized by DepEd. This document holds an important value, especially when students need to establish their current enrollment status.

A COE is not just a piece of paper. It contains several things:

1. Verification of Enrollment
One of the primary purposes of a COE is to verify that a student is actively enrolled in an educational institution. It’s essential to maintain the records of the actively enrolled students.

2. Academic Record
The COE often includes essential academic information, such as the student’s name, grade level, division, and school details.

3. Proof For Student
In some cases, a COE can also be used to show that the specific individual is a student of a specific institute.

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Certificate Of Enrollment DepEd – Check Enrollment Certificate

Check out the Department of Education’s enrollment certificate. This is usually a sample certificate that you can download, fill out, and submit to your institute. It’s mostly used in DepEd Grading System.

Certificate Of Enrollment DepEd

Certificate Of Enrollment DepEd For Elementry/High School

Check out the enrollment certification for the elementary and high school. It has similarities with the certificate of GWA, but both are used for different purposes.

How to Get Certificate Of Enrollment DepEd

1. Contact Your School
The first step in obtaining a COE is to get in touch with your school’s administrative office. They will provide the necessary instructions and forms to request the certificate.

2. Complete the Request Form
You will likely need to fill out a request form, providing your personal details and the purpose for which you need the COE. Be sure to provide accurate information to avoid delays.

3. Processing Time
The processing time for a COE may vary from one educational institution to another.

4. Get The COE
Once your request is processed, you will receive the COE. Ensure that all the information on the certificate is accurate before using it for your intended purpose. You can also get a certificate of honorable dismissal if you move to another institute.

How to Request a Certificate of Enrolment – Brief Explanation


A Certificate of Enrolment DepEd issued by the Department of Education in the Philippines remains valuable for students and institutions. Whether you’re a student pursuing higher education or an employer verifying an applicant’s academic background, the COE ensures clarity and reliability in the education system. It ensures the student’s position.

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No, a Certificate of Enrollment (COE) differs from a diploma. A COE verifies your current enrollment status, while a diploma is awarded upon completion of a specific course or program.

Contact your specific institution and ask for the COE. Get the form, fill in the required details, and submit it to the Administrator’s office. Then, they will issue a COE certificate.

It’s proof that a student is enrolled in an educational institution recognized by DepEd. This document holds an important value.

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