Certificate Of Honorable Dismissal Philippines – Sample Letter Of Honorable Dismissal

The certificate of honorable dismissal, also known as “Transfer Credentials” is a document that makes sure that the student is no longer connected with that specific educational institute. It ensures the Voluntary elimination of the student from that school, College, or university with the agreement of the University Registrar.

For students looking to sever ties with the University while maintaining good academic standing, a formal written request must be submitted to the University Registrar. This request, requiring the signature of a parent or guardian, is essential for obtaining an honorable dismissal. Without the submission and approval of this petition, there will be no official record of an honorable dismissal (Revised UP Code: Article 398, as amended during the 790th BOR Meeting on December 19, 1969, and the 861st BOR Meeting on May 29, 1975).

Note: A student who is expelled from the University due to disciplinary reasons will not receive an honorable dismissal (Revised UP Code: Article 400, as amended during the 914th BOR Meeting on May 31, 1979, superseded by Revised Rules of Student Conduct and Discipline 1992).

Certificate Of Honorable Dismissal Sample

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How To Get Honorable Dismissal & It’s Importance

According to the grading system in Philippines, To request the Certificate of Honorable Dismissal, you need to write a letter to your concerned college or university. Different institutions have their own rules and conditions for issuing the dismissal certification. However, going through these terms and policies and visiting your University clearance department/page will be better.

If you are an Open University Of the Philippines student, then follow these steps to apply for a dismissal certification.

To request an Honorable Dismissal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the University Clearance form and send it by mail or in person to:
The Records Section
Office of the University Registrar
UP Open University
Los Baños, Laguna 4031

Alternatively, you can email scanned copies of the form to [email protected].

Step 2: Await an email notification from the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) regarding the status of your request.

Honorable Dismissal Certificate Importance

  • Why is it Important?
    The importance of a COD cannot be overstated. It is not merely a piece of paper but a gateway to a student’s academic journey. Here are a few reasons why it holds significant value:
  • Seamless Transitions
    When a student decides to transfer to another school or university, the new institution often requires a COD as part of the admission process. With it, the transition can be smooth with administrative hassles.
  • Employment Opportunities
    In the professional world, having a COD can enhance employability. Employers often request this document as it verifies a candidate’s educational history and integrity.
  • Government Requirements
    Government agencies may also ask for a COD for various purposes, such as civil service examinations or scholarships. Having this document readily available can save time and effort. The certificate of GWA is also important for further education.

Transfer Credential Vs Honorable Dismissal– Brief Video

Certificate Of Honorable Dismissal Requirements

Obtaining an Honorable Dismissal or transcript of records philippines both are essential for students looking to conclude their academic journey at an institution. So, several requirements typically need to be met:

  • Application Form: Most universities require students to complete an application form for Honorable Dismissal. This form often includes personal information, student identification, and the reason for requesting dismissal. Check below the application form sample and what it generally looks like.
certificate of honorable dismissal application form sample
  • Clearance: Students need to clear any outstanding financial obligations with the university. This includes tuition fees, library fines, or any other outstanding dues.
  • Academic Standing: Students are generally expected to be in good academic standing, which means having no unresolved academic issues, such as incomplete coursework or pending grades.
  • Signatures: In some cases, the application may require signatures from various university departments, confirming that the student has returned all borrowed materials and settled any necessary accounts.
  • Parent or Guardian Signature: Some institutions’ policies note that students may need written signatures from their parent or legal guardian to request an Honorable Dismissal.

So these are some of the essential requirements that will be required generally for COD. Prepare all your important documents to get the COD quickly.


In the educational journey of every Filipino student, the Certificate of Honorable Dismissal plays an important role. Not only is it a piece of paper, but it’s also proof of the student’s integrity that he has completed the specific course of his education without any issues and has been discharged with honor from that institution.


Typically, schools require all dues and penalties to be settled before issuing a COD. It’s advisable to clear any outstanding obligations to ensure a smooth process.

A COD doesn’t have an expiration date, making it valid indefinitely. However, keeping it pristine is wise.

Obtaining a COD usually requires an in-person visit to your previous school. However, with the advancement of technology, some schools may offer online requests and delivery services. Check with your institution for their specific procedures.

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